Metcalfe home inspector looks for hidden clues to home safety

This article was written by Megan DeLaire and appeared in the Ottawa Community News on Oct 16, 2015

Perry Campbell launched his home inspection service in May, 2015, and he has already seen a few things that would make any homeowner with a sense of self-preservation cringe.

"There are a lot of people that do their own renovations, but aren’t knowledgeable when it comes to structure and electrical,” Campbell said. “You find a lot of safety issues with the do-it-yourself jobs during inspections."

Campbell, a Metcalfe resident since 2002, ended his career as an operations manager for a freight forwarder and began training with A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections in 2014. He said his decision to open a home inspection franchise was inspired partly by his own experience renovating his home, and by what he identified as a need for more home inspection services in Metcalfe.

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